Missive Mortar
Despite Army Chief General V K Singh terming the letter leak as high treason and Defence Minister AK Antony’s vociferous proclamation of strict action against the culprit, the image of the country has been irreparably dented.

If the contents of the letter written to the Prime Minister are really true, the leaking of missive is indeed a grave issue and could have sinister ramification, so long as the security of the nation is concerned. Right now it is hard to say whether the offenders will ever be brought to book.

However, the entire nation wants to know the name of the person who leaked such a sensitive letter but at the same time the people are also demanding an explanation on the deplorable condition of the Army and efforts being taken to improve it.

If General V K Singh is to be believed, the artillery of the Indian army lacks necessary ammunitions and 97 percent defence mechanism of air forces has become obsolete. He has also raised questions on the capabilities of ordinance factories.

Merely shying away from the fact will not do as everyone knows that purchasing necessary arms and ammunition is a very cumbersome and challenging process in India.

Many defence deals have been hanging in the lurch for years. The Centre cannot ignore the fact that the issues raised by V K Singh in his letter were not put up by his predecessors.

If the government is serious, it can turn this embarrassing moment into an opportunity to enhance defence capabilities. But to give shape to this dream the government has to mend its ways.

The rules set up by the government for defence deals are hardly followed as instances of lobbying often come to light. No matter how tall claims the Centre makes but the process of defence deal is surely mired in corruption.

Politicians and bureaucrats are the reason behind this pitiable condition as they fiercely interfere in defence matters. Undoubtedly, the letter leak poses a big question but even graver concern is the deplorable condition of the defence.