Lucknow: Normally a family includes father- mother, husband-wife, son-daughter, brother-sister, but when it comes to MLAs of Uttar Pradesh the definition of a family is slightly different. Family of MLAs now includes in-laws and their sons also.

This new definition of a family, which includes in-laws, has been defined in order to stop the abuse of MLA funds.

The need to redefine family arises because of increasing number of complaints against misuse of MLA funds. It was also found that some MLAs were allocating Local Area Development (LAD) funds to relatives of other MLAs. This was found to be done on a very regular basis by the MLAs of Uttar Pradesh.

The one common thing which came to light was that in-laws family was amongst the most benefitted lot. In the backdrop of this, the UP government decided to redefine the definition and included them in the list of family members.

UP's rural development minister Arvind Singh Gop said that Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav intends to stop the misuse of LAD funds and hence he wants to eliminate all the possibilities of misuse. 


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