After scripting a new chapter in Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, the political stature of Akhilesh Yadav achieved a new high. He has not only justified his position as the party’s state unit chief but also emerged as high profile leader who can change the poll wave in his own favour. Akhilesh’s connect with the crowd was electrifying. On the counting day, the Junior Yadav was busy exchanging greetings with party workers and friends. Akhilesh spoke at length with Dainik Jagran.

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What is your top most priority for the party organization and the government?

First of all the new government will check the misuse of funds meant for public.

Will the new government take action against the accused?

The SP have got mandate against the organized corruption of the BSP government. And the alleged practices were going on in connivance of the corrupt officials who will be booked if found guilty. They are responsible for the development in the state not for the indulging in the corruption.

You are the new ray of hope in the SP.

I am the same person but it seems your perceptions have changed about me. This was neither the first time I rode bicycle nor took out rath yatra. The media have given me prominence for the first time.

In these elections, you have enjoyed tremendous support of the youth. Is it a new era for the SP?

I am very grateful to the youth who supported us whole heartedly. They gave their mandate against a dictatorial government. Now we have to fulfill our promises. 

How difficult is the road ahead?

Mulayam Singh-led new government will face no hurdle in its functioning as the party has got absolute majority in the 403 member house. We have to do many things for the welfare of farmers, find out new avenues for the unemployed, increase investments in the state and to improve the law and order situation in the state.

What lesson you have learnt in this elections?

I got the opportunity to discover myself in this election. I got to know the expectation of the people.

Will your government demolish the statues of Mayawati and Kanshiram and party symbol ‘elephant’?

All the statues will be kept intact. I have already mentioned that they won’t be uprooted as they were funded with public money. Rather hospitals and schools will be set up in the Maya parks. We want to send a message among the public that the BSP government misused the public money to construct statues, while the SP government will utilize the same money for developmental works.