"It's important to get our match-ups right when we're bowling against their batsmen. I think we've matched up really well. Mitch Johnson provides a big X-factor for us. There's a couple of guys who aren't as comfortable against the short ball compared to some of their other players as well," Watson told reporters at the team hotel.
"I think the important thing for us has just been getting our match-ups right. Even batting wise when we're facing certain bowlers that they've got. Also trying to take them on at certain stages of the game. I think we've done that really well so far," he added.
With the Indian batsmen troubled by Johnson, the Aussies are happy to use the pacer against the middle-order batsmen and termed him as a huge weapon.
"It certainly has been (a tactic), there's no doubt. Even after seeing what happened in the Twenty20 game in Rajkot, especially Yuvi ... we didn't get our plans exactly right to him and he's an extremely talented player.
"If we give him a chance to get away he certainly hits the ball very sweet. And also to Suresh Raina, he's a high-quality, world-class player as well. We're very lucky to have Mitch in our team bowling the pace and control that he's got at this point in time.
"It's a huge weapon for us because we know how important their middle order is to their success. We've seen it work so far throughout this series. Hopefully it can continue to work for a bit longer. (But) we need to get to that stage. In Jaipur we didn't get a chance to be able to get to that middle order because they batted so well. Apart from that game it has worked really well," Watson added.


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