Interestingly, the 'X' in the name denotes crossover whereas the 'M' stands for MPV. Being a pre-production concept the vehicle does feature some outlandish design elements, which, we must add, look super cool.

The large air dam, sleek grille and short nose combo is hard to dislike. It also features a heavily sloping roofline, which we expect to be chucked out in the production version. The customary flared wheel arches, faux skidplate and a pair of roof rails are in place for that oh-so-trendy SUV look.

Mitsubishi haven't revealed anything about the interiors of the XM. But, expect it to be peppered with technology and enough space to seat seven. The concept has been green-flagged for production, and is likely to be built in Mitsubishi's manufacturing facility in Java, Indonesia. Production will begin October onwards, and we expect a global unveil in mid-2018.

The SUV-meets-MPV styling and the seven-seater configuration places it squarely in Honda BR-V territory. Does Honda India have anything to worry about? Not really. As much as we'd like to see Mitsubishi revive itself in India, we just don't see it happening anytime soon.

It's just the Pajero that is holding fort for the Japanese car brand, and the weak dealer and after sales network isn't helping either.