Washington: Calling the Iranian leadership "evil", US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said he would consider decapitating the Tehran regime if elected.
"I see Iran's leadership as evil," Romney said.
"I see Iran as intent on building, once again, an evil empire based upon the resources of the Middle East," said Romney.
But, Romney said he could not make a decision now about the course he would pursue to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions.
"I do not have a top secret security clearance at this stage to be able to define precisely what kinds of actions we could take," he said.
But "the range includes something of a blockade nature, to something of a surgical strike nature, to something of a decapitate the regime nature, to eliminate the military threat of Iran altogether," he added.
He said that some experts had told him that "the surgical strike option" would be inadequate because Iran could retaliate against our friends in the region.
"And therefore if we were to be serious about going after Iran's nuclear capacity, we would have to be prepared to go in a more aggressive way," he said.