Charlotte (North Carolina):  Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney now has one million followers on micro blogging site Twitter.

Romney achieved this milestone three days after he accepted Republican presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida.

"1 million active followers – thanks everyone for your support. Help us keep the momentum going," Romney tweeted on September 2.

However, Romney is far behind his challenger incumbent Barack Obama, the US President, who is seeking his re-election in November.

Obama has more than 19 million followers; that makes him the sixth most followed individual on Twitter.

The list is topped by Lady Gaga who has 29 million followers; followed by Justine Bieber (27 million), Kate Perry (25 million) and Britney Spears (nearly 20 million).

According to websites which maintain a record of followers, in India cricket team captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni has the maximum number of twitter follower 1.5 million.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who recently joined the micro blogging site, has nearly two lakh followers, while the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha has a little over three lakh followers.


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