Washington: Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is headed for a "big win" in the November 6 polls, his top advisor claimed. But for a top Obama aide, Romney is in a deep trouble and is "desperately" looking for new path to the necessary 270 Electoral College votes to win the November 6 presidential elections.
"I say they (Romney campaign) understand they are in deep trouble," top Obama advisor David Axelrod told as Romney headed to Pennsylvania for a campaign event on Sunday.
The Romney Campaign did not agree with this assessment.
"It's going to be a big win for Governor Romney," Romney's political director Rich Beeson told a news channel claiming that the Republican presidential candidate would win more than 300 electoral college votes on November 6.
"Pennsylvania and Michigan and Minnesota are not pass the 270, as much as [David] Axelrod would like to report, those are pass the 300, this is going to be a big election and Gov Romney is going to win," Beeson told the news channel.
Axelrod told the news channel that the Romney campaign is trying to expand the map because they know that in the states like Ohio, where they have to win, no Republican has ever been elected without carrying the state of Ohio.


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