New Delhi: Even if it is a great day for the country as the main convict of 2001 Parliament attack, Afzal Guru was hanged to death for his gruesome act, but the delay in bringing him to the gallows has drawn mixed reaction for the UPA Government.

Main Opposition party, BJP, has welcomed the move but sought explanation over the ‘inordinate delay’ in execution of Afzal Guru. They have also accused the government of reaping political benefits in the hanging of Guru in the run-up to the 2014 general elections.

Afzal Guru, who was hanged in Delhi's Tihar Jail at 8 a.m. on Saturday, was awarded with the death sentence by the Supreme Court in 2004. His hanging was scheduled for October 2006, but stayed after his wife filed a mercy petition.

Nine people were killed in the December 2001 parliament attack when five heavily-armed Pakistani terrorists stormed into the premises and opened indiscriminate fire.

The nation has strongly hailed Afzal’s death but condemned the delay in the execution of death penalty on micro blogging site ‘Twitter’. Some of the interesting tweets are as follows.

It is noteworthy that the Congress-led UPA Government had secretly hanged the lone survivor of 26/11 Mumbai attack, Ajmal Amir Kasab on November 21 last year as it did in the case of Afzal Guru. Coincidentally, both Kasab and Afzal were hanged few days before the commencement of Parliamentary sessions.  


Kiran Bedi: Afzal Guru case needed a closure. It disturbs some and settles others! Always damned if u do,doomed if you don't!Governance is tough!

Paresh Rawal: A terrorist Afzal Guru hanged in Delhi.Cable cut,Internet jammed & curfew in J&K.Some saying he was not given fair trial.Whats wrong with us

Subramanian Swamy: I informed MMS that I will move the Supreme Court a Criminal Cpntempt Case against him if Afzal Guru is not hanged by Feb 15

Armaan Dugal: Kasab hanged just before winter session.. Afzal guru hanged just before budget session! Coincidence?

Muhammad Wasif Javed:  Hanging Kasab had proper legal grounds. And that was justified. Hanging #AfzalGuru is arrogance

Ritesh Tiwari : The long pending demand of the nation is fulfilled by the hanging of Afzal Guru.

Bhaggat: At last he got hanged after 12years...justice done but too delayed...Afzal guru

Vichie Gulati: First #kasab nd nw #afzalguru what's happening to our govt they r working some serious things ... cnt believe

Saurav: This time Manmohan Singh was informed about Afzal Guru's hanging. Eh. Doesn't really matter. He always stays silent.

Mocking Bard: Jailer to #AfzalGuru : I've got good noose and bad noose. Which one would you like to wear first?

Hello Keral: A cunical view -Was #afzalguru hanged to shift attention fm #rape hero cong leader PJ #Kurien....

Ankit Agarwalla: #AfzalGuru was hanged today but poor # IRCTC...hanged every day..what did it do??

Jaideepkhanduja: #Kasab and #AfzalGuru became handy for government to gain numbers for upcoming national elections.

Mukur Khakhariyawala: Afzal Guru hanged. His career - Started in Parliament, ended in Tihar Jail. Familiar path.

hbc:I threatened PM with contempt of court case if Afzal Guru was not hanged. So, thank me for his hanging.

Piyush Kr Srivastava: Smart move by UPA Govt hanging AfzalGuru,Damn they think doing this can save them in Elections. They think we r Fools like Buddhu

Abhishek Patil: Kasab gone. Afzal Guru gone. Microsoft now has no clue what to name their next OS!


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