Aizawl: At least 252 people have died of AIDS and 6,399 people diagnosed as infected with HIV in Mizoram since October 1990 when the first HIV/AIDS case was detected in the state.
Mizoram State Aids Control Society (MSACS) project Director Dr Eric Zomawia said among those having died due to full-blown AIDS, 164 were men, 78 women and 10 children, as per figures from October 1990 to October, 2011.
Zomawia said 1, 71,513 blood samples, or 15.72 percent of the total state population as per Census 2011, had been tested and the number of HIV positives detected 6,399) was 3.73 percent of the tested samples.
Sexual contact is the main cause of spread of HIV/AIDS with 64.8 percent of those identified as having HIV/AIDS contacted through sex, followed by Intravenous Drug Users contributing 28.5 percent, he said.
While 3.7 percent were infected in 'perinatal' period, the circumstances behind infection of rest three percent were not known.