Though no official functions were organized by the state government, all the government offices and educational institutions remained closed with the state government declaring a public holiday.
Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, inaugurated the statehood of Mizoram on this day in 1987 after his government successfully signed the Mizo Accord with the erstwhile underground Mizo National Front (MNF) on June 30, 1986 ending the 20-year-long insurgency in this hilly north eastern state.
The late legendary MNF leader Laldenga, who was installed as the chief minister in the interim MNF-Congress coalition interim government became the first chief minister of the state.
The MNF declared independence from the Indian Union on March one, 1966, plunging Mizoram into a state of disturbance and the accord signed 20 years later resulted in Mizoram becoming a state under India and also one of the most peaceful states in the country.

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