New Delhi: World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the nefarious design of Multi-National Companies to oust Indian manufacturers of cheaper medicines and vaccines from the market. WHO has not only voiced in support of the production of these medicines but has also stressed that their prices have to be very low to make the life saving medicines easily accessible to the needy people.

It has also rejected the apprehensions raised on the quality and credibility of these medicines. Even World Trade Organisation has also raised questions on the credibility of the generic medicines produced in India by local manufacturers.

Dr Nata Menabde, WHO Representative to India, says that the cheaper medicines produced in Indian are great achievement for the Indians as well as for the world. She further added that the price and production of these medicines should remain unaffected from the conspiracy of the MNCs. Drug manufacturing sector in India is under threat on two counts. MNCs are continuously increasing their hold on this sector in the form of FDI.

On the other hand, under the pressure of its influential member countries, WTO is getting harsh on the local manufacturers while these drugs are in great demands from every parts of the world. Last year, Indian drug firms have exported medicines worth Rs 50, 000 crores mainly to the countries like US, UK and Germany.

On being asked about the quality of these medicines, Menabde says the WHO takes guarantee of quality of all these products.

Mukesh Kejariwal