Ahemdabad: Politically marooned MNS Chief Raj Thackeray has extended a hand of friendship to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) via Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. During his eight-day tour to the state, Thackeray was quick to speak in Hindi and he did not waste much time in lauding the efforts of Modi in Gujarat’s progress.

Appreciating the state for its development, Thackeray said he saw Gujarat CM as his role model.

Meanwhile, Modi said he was surprised after the MNS chief expressed his willingness to view Gujarat’s development.

Addressing a joint press conference, Modi said many leaders and organizations from across the globe have visited Gujarat but having Thackeray as a guest has sprung a surprise.

Adding that strong will power was needed for development work, Modi said, “One can take inspiration from every state, it is not that you can learn only from one state. We do hold parleys with officials of other states to understand their working style as well,” said Modi.

Interacting with media persons, Thackeray said, “Till now, I heard about development in Gujarat only through media but I am impressed by good governance and working style of officials in the state.”

“I wanted to see Gujarat’s model after Ratan Tata appreciated the state for its working style after he brought the Nano project from West Bengal to this state,” Thackeray said, adding he will hold extensive talks with Modi on August 9.

Meanwhile, he also attacked those eyeing this visit as politically motivated. “Those linking this visit with politics have small thinking. I do not have any political agenda on this tour,” added Thackeray.

After reaching Ahemdabad, Thackeray went to Sardar Patel Memorial Bhavan and visited Gandhi Ashram also.