Krush is now open for download on Google Play Store. The application has already been downloaded over 3000 times. iPhone app of Krush is expected to arrive shortly as well.

Krush has broken the ice between 120+ couples. Some of these are "friends" who never got down to expressing their interest for years, while others are friends of friends who didn't even know their matches existed until they used Krush. 

The app uses Facebook data (age, location, likes, interests, activities etc) to match you with compatible friends and friends of friends. It sends a batch of fifteen daily dates who you supposed to "Like" or "Skip" anonymously. 

Safety is the first concern most people have with dating apps. However, Krush is compelling to many people because it never shows complete strangers. Every suggestion Krush makes, shares at least one mutual friend. This goes a long way to ensure that you connect with people from a similar background. 

While the Indian market is saturated with online matrimonial services, the dating space is largely untapped. Apps like Krush are the face of an increasingly liberal new-Indian youth whose attitudes are transforming radically.