To promote road safety and proper highway management, the app will be introduced integrated with transport registration network by December, NHAI Chairman Raghav Chandra said today.

This will take a month or two to create it. It will be soon available for the citizens so that they can even take a photograph of the vehicle which is speeding or violating any structures relating to transport and press a button to register a complaint against that vehicle, he said.

"All the complaints will get registered in the ledger pertaining to that vehicle whereupon the police/transport department can take further action about it," he added.

Highlighting that human interface pertaining to roads requires collection of data and policing, Chandra also said that the highways body will soon introduce reforms for better highway network management.

"In the days to come, I hope to be able to introduce reforms to bring about better management, control, policing of our highways network, I feel with more physical intermediation we should be able to bring about something like patrolling to improve the physical management on roads and I think that will have a significant improvement on road safety," he said.

He said NHAI was working towards building up a complete information of data bank of all the highways which is called the Road Asset Management System (RAMS) which has already been commissioned for 3,000 kilometres (kms) of roads.

The information collected would help to perk up condition of roads, deal with citizens' problems, give alerts, guidance and route traffic along different ways and do entire technological management of all the highways.


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