"With incidents of crime rising day by day, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd, has created a unique mobile application to provide 24x7 response services to the victim in danger, besides informing their family members," Pramoud Rao, Managing Director of the company said.
In a press release, the company claimed that during an emergency, one can activate 'Ziman' in five seconds by just pressing the power button on smartphone five times when the person is in any danger which will send out alerts to your emergency contacts requesting for help.

Even after an incident has occurred, Ziman helps by providing an emergency map that provides a list of emergency services located in the vicinity of the incident.
After the launch of this fingertip solution to prevent crimes, Zicom organized a panel discussion moderated by Viveck Shettyy, All India Head of Media Cell for CGSI and MD, Indus Communications, it said.
Participating in the panel discussion, Bollywood director Mukesh Bhatt said since the fear factor makes people vulnerable, it is important to have the virtual protector with everyone.
Deputy Mayor of Mumbai, Alka Kerkar expressed confidence that the application will go a long way in preventing crimes and even providing valuable evidence to punish the criminals.