Nothing could be more unfortunate than the mobilization of the state governments against National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) especially when the Centre is faced with a new type of terror attacks in the country. More importantly, the issue is being raised at the time when the NCTC is about to get functional. Is it merely a coincidence that the states are getting vociferous in their protest against the NCTC because the organization is getting fully functional from March 1? Just few days back only Mamata Banerji and Naveen Patnaik voiced their concern against the organization but now even the chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have expressed that the NCTC will encroach upon their rights. It is almost certain, despite assurances from the Centre that the NCTC will not encroach upon their rights, that in next few days some more chief ministers will join the bandwagon. Unfortunately, the Centre’s approach on the issue is not wise enough and instead of resolving the apprehension of the states they continue to assert that there is no need to consult the states on the NCTC.

It is a shame that in our country even the fight against terrorism gets politicized. It seems the conflict over the NCTC is merely to suggest to the world that this is definitely not the way to fight against menace of terrorism. The states governments have performed badly in their fight against terror and now when the Centre is attempting to augment the internal security of the country, they are raising hue and cry on their rights being encroached. This is sheer politics that harms the national interest. If the state governments continue to keep the Centre at an arms distance on the issue of law and order, the internal security of the country is bound to worsen further. The irony is that the Centre is claiming all responsibility for war against terrorism and they have no answer on why they need a new agency when their existing security agencies lack proper co-ordination. Is this not an open secret that Delhi Police is not having good terms with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and have also refused help from the National Security Guards (NSG) in investigating Israeli Embassy car blast? Is the country fighting a war against terror or is it just a mockery in the name of war?