The media from the East Coast to West Coast took notice of how PM Modi commanded the attention of top tech CEOs vying with each other to seek stronger ties and investment in 'potentially lucrative' India.

But all agreed that the India-US relationship was on an upward  trajectory thanks to the personal chemistry between Modi and President  Barack Obama.

"The stage seems set for Washington and New Delhi to deepen their cooperation on a range of shared concerns, Foreign Policy said dubbing  it: "Modbama: A Budding Bromance."

However, Carter Dougherty, also writing in Foreign Policy, noted that  "Washington and New Delhi may be natural allies, but that doesn't mean  that they see eye to eye on economic ties."

In fact, he suggested that trade was emerging as the 'chief irritant in bilateral relations' and "creating a policy dilemma that will become only thornier with the continued rise of India and China."

PM Modi, Dougherty suggested, "may go down as the Indian leader who  cemented a national strategy of hardheaded mercantilism, one protected  by a close security relationship with the United States".

"The trick, on this trip by Modi and in the future, will be to convince US businesses that there are enough investment opportunities in India to  trump complaints over trade policy and to keep Washington's eye on the fast-developing security ties between the countries," Foreign Policy wrote.


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