Allahabad: The Mumbai and local Police team in a joint drive recovered the headless body of a model cum Bollywood starlet Meenakshi Thapa from the sewage tank of one of the accused Preeti Elvin Soren’s house located at Darbhanga colony on Wednesday. Mumbai Police will send her decomposed body for a DNA test. It has also interrogated Preeti’s father in this connection.

Amit jaiswal and Preeti Elvin Soren who are supposed to be behind the killing were brought here on Wednesday and were interrogated for several hours during which duo told the police that Amit and Preeti strangled Thapa to death on March 16, and severed her head from the torso. Later on the accused dumped the torso in the tank of the bungalow whereas they put the head in a bag and left it on Allahabad-Jaunpur Highway before leaving for Gorakhpur.

Preeti’s father told the police that he was not at home at the time of murder. Police was also told that at the time of the incident a girl was also there along with Preeti. He further said that when he enquired about the girl from her daughter, she introduced him as her friend and said that she was leaving for Gorakhpur in connection with some work.

According to the City SP S K Yadav, Amit and Preeti were living in Mumbai with Meenakshi and were struggling to get some role in movies and later on became friends.
Meanwhile, duo came to know that Meenakshi had some connection with the royal family of Nepal. So, they abducted her for ransom and later killed her.

The victim was residing in Mumbai’s Amboli area and lived in Dehra-Dun for a long time. After coming to Mumbai she acted in several television commercials. Meenakshi starred in film ‘Four Zero Four’ as well and acted as a junior artist in Madhur Bandarkar’s film named ‘Heroine’.

After murdering her, the accused called up Thapa’s mother from her mobile phone demanding Rs 15 Lakh as ransom. Both managed to get Meenakshi’s ATM card and also knew the PIN number.