New Delhi: Model Yana Gupta says she battled chronic eating disorder and struggled for 16 years with the way she looked despite being conscious about fitness.

She carried her own food to the places she was invited to dinner and tried every diet, but her fears about her body remained, Yana says in her yet-to-be-released book, "How To Love Your Body And Get The Body You Love".

She got the balance back in her life and gradually learnt to love herself, her publisher Penguin India quoted her as saying in a statement.

Using her own experiences, Yana offers "easy eating advice and gives a lowdown on food from the right portions to eat to being healthy on the go".

She advises on ways to understand nutrition labels, the "great dabba trick" and the best snack to eat when you get a late-night hunger attack.

"One has to learn to love one's body," the model says.

Yana has modelled for brands like Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret, Toyota, Honda, Sony, Limca and MTV.