London: Suffering from sinusitis? The modern lifestyle is to be blamed, say experts.
Sinusitis is the medical term for inflammation in the sinuses -- these are the small, air-filled cavities inside the skull. Each sinus is lined with the same sensitive tissue that covers the inside of the nose.
This moist lining releases a constant supply of mucus that feeds down into the nose to keep the nasal passages moist and ensures dust, allergens and pollutants are trapped there before they can penetrate the lungs.

"Unfortunately, constant changes in atmosphere are putting this delicate system under pressure," the news daily quoted as saying Dr Andrew Meredith, an ear, nose and throat specialist from the Benenden Hospital in Cranbrook, Kent.

"The human nose evolved millions of years ago when changes in temperature happened gradually with the seasons. This meant it had time to adapt.
"Now, with central heating and air conditioning we are constantly exposing the nose and the sinuses to swings in temperature and humidity which affect the way the lining of the nasal passages works."