"Training is the cheapest way to improve things. In our country, which is too big, policing requirements are too large. The only way to deal with this is spectacular and effective training," Raje said.

The Chief Minister was addressing the inaugural session of 'National Symposium of Heads of Police Training' here.

Raje said the challenges police forces face today can be easily dealt with through modern training.

"It is not just about people and their involvement, but training institutions also need to keep adopting according to the situation," she said.

"There are enormous expectations of the people of the state and the country... and we have to face the expectations along with the opinion of various organisations like (that of) human rights," the Chief Minister pointed out, while asking the police force to be people-friendly.

The Chief Minister counted several challenges faced by the police forces, including lack of sufficient strength and weaponry and said that the time has come to think out of the box.

"The number is supposed to be enormous, but it is not; the weaponry must be sophisticated, but it is not. The area geographically is not easy and people's expectations are so enormous.

"In such a situation, it is not humanly possible to deal with it unless we do things differently," Raje said.

The CM said training and discipline are extremely important things for the police to be able to face challenges.

She called upon the policemen to practice multi-tasking by using advanced technologies and communications.
While talking about the need to improve training, Raje said efforts are on in this direction in Rajasthan.

She said the deliberations in the three-day symposium will help training academies in designing pragmatic module for study and training.

Officers from the state and other parts of the country are attending the symposium jointly organised by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Indian government, and Rajasthan Police Academy.

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