"When Nirbhaya died, the nation was shocked but the UPA government did nothing to check crime against women. It was only when the nation rose in united protest that the UPA government announced Rs 1000 crore Nirbhaya Fund in its last budget," said Modi.

“The government is, however, so cruel that it did not spend a single rupee for the safety and empowerment of women but in this year's budget, it again announced Rs 1000 crore under the same fund," he added.

Modi asked both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to ‘stop fooling people of the country but look around them to find out how safe women are’.

“How can they stop crimes when most of the political leaders in jail are from the Congress," he claimed.
Referring to the killings of one-horned rhino, which is Assam's pride, he said, "We have information that there is a Minister in Assam under whose directions jungles are being felled and rhinos being killed to settle down illegal migrants from Bangladesh. They have also the audacity to claim that this is a part of their secular credentials. What does the rhino have to do with secularism? We do not care if hundred governments have to go but we will not allow a single rhino to be killed."

He claimed the Congress in their pursuit of vote-bank politics has destroyed the state's resources as well as the future of the youths there taking away their employment opportunities.


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