"The Congress has two soldiers in Uttar Pradesh. These people from Congress, SP and BSP are indulging in WWF (World Wrestling Federation) fights that you see on TV. These people indulge in stage managed fights in Lucknow but they come together to grab power in Delhi," he said.

"These three parties are misleading the people of this country and state and it is the time to bring in a change in this country. You have already suffered but the time is to make sure that your children don't suffer," he said.

The BJP leader said people have voiced the need for change and this time, ‘even the CBI cannot save the UPA government in these elections’.

Asking people to provide a strong majority to the BJP in the forthcoming elections, he said the voters should ensure victory of BJP and NDA candidates and get them at least 300 seats.

"If the teacher is weak, even kids don't like to go to school. So, make sure that the country gets a strong government and not a weak one. Please ensure that BJP gets more than 300 seats," Modi said.

He appealed to the voters that they have elected rulers for the last 60 years but "this time you elect a servant for next 60 months and I promise to do things which they have not done in last 60 years."


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