"Everything is not for us. There are some things that should be for the nation," Modi said while delivering his first Independence Day address from the Red Fort.

"Let's think beyond 'what about me' and look at the nation," he said.

The Prime Minister said that it is our duty to build the nation of our forefather's dreams."Is it our duty to build an India that our forefathers dreamt of. Do we think how our work is helping the poor of India," he asked

Interestingly, Modi is delivering an extempore speech and is standing on the dais with no bullet-proof shield.

I am not Prime Minister but Pradhan Sevak: Modi

Delivering his first Independence Day speech at the Red Fort here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday described himself as the country's ‘Pradhan Sevak’.

"I stand before you today not as the prime minister but as the pradhan sevak," he said at the start of his speech. "Many, many greetings from the Pradhan Sevak."

He also hailed Indian democracy for allowing a person from ‘an ordinary family’ to assume the country's top post.

"It is a tribute to Indian democracy" that a person from "a poor family, an ordinary family is today addressing the nation from the Red Fort," he said while delivering his Independence Day speech.

He also saluted all those who sacrificed their lives during the freedom struggle.

"I salute all those who sacrificed themselves for India's freedom," Modi said while addressing the nation from the Red Fort here."The struggle for freedom went on for years, generations sacrificed their lives even at the prime of their youth."

I am an outsider to Delhi: Modi

During his Independence Day speech, Modi described himself as ‘an outsider to Delhi’.
"I am an outsider to Delhi. But an outsider came to Delhi and got an insider view," Modi said, delivering his first Independence Day speech at the Red Fort.

"I was surprised," he went on.

"What I am saying is not about politics."Modi also despaired that after becoming the prime minister in May he had realized that "even in one government there were different governments."It was as if each had their own jagirs (fiefdom)."

Give up caste, communal poison: Modi

The Prime Minister also urged Indians to give up the ‘poison’ of casteism and communalism and embrace unity for the country's progress.

Addressing the nation from the Red Fort, the prime minister said it was a shame that caste and communal politics continued even so many years after independence.

"How long will this continue?" he asked, his voice choked with emotion.

"We have fought enough, we have killed enough. Turn back and see, has anyone gained anything?"

He said that years of bloodshed had only caused deep wounds to "Bharat Mata".

The Prime Minister also urged the people to give up, at least for 10 years, caste and communal politics."Peace, unity, brotherhood should take over. Only these will help us to march ahead."

Rapes make country's head hang in shame: Modi

Modi also said that the country's head hangs in shame whenever there is news about rape.

"Our heads hang in shame when we hear news about rape," Modi said.

He also asked parents to question their sons about the malaise. "After all, a person raping is someone's son. As parents, has anyone asked our sons, where is he going? Why not put the same yardstick for sons too," he added.

He also urged the citizens to make the country a clean and healthy place.

"Do we want to live in filth?” Modi said.

He said that keeping the country clean was ‘a big task’ and it would need everyone's cooperation.

"Can't our country be clean? If the people decide not to dirty our surroundings, no force on this earth can dirty it," said Modi.

He said that it would be ideal to make India a clean place by 2019 to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who the prime minister said was a staunch believer in cleanliness.

Come, Make in India: Modi

During his speech, he also took the opportunity of urging investors from around the world to make India a manufacturing hub, saying "Come, Make in India".

"I tell the world, Make in India," Modi said.

"Sell anywhere but manufacture here. We have the skill and talent."He added: "Our dreams should be that all over the world we can say 'Made in India'.

The Prime Minister also announced a scheme for opening bank accounts for "the poorest of the poor" and providing them insurance cover of Rs 1, 00,000.

"Through the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, we want to give the poorest of the poor bank accounts," Modi said.

"The Jan Dhan Yojana will give poor people insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh ," he added.


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