The minority community needs all-round progress through social and political empowerment, Naqvi said. He assured that the BJP would ‘compensate for the alleged losses with enough and judicious interest’ once it came to power at the Centre.
“Muslims need development in multiplied quantum to enter the election arena. Political parties no doubt hand tickets and opportunities to Muslims but they are not true to their intention of bringing in a system which would enhance the community's social, economic and educational situation," Naqvi said here yesterday.
"We have launched a movement to (help) those sections who were separated or got annoyed due to certain misconceptions with the hope that they (minorities) would come two steps forward in response to our four steps," he added.
Naqvi further condemned Congress, Samajwadi Party and BSP, accusing them of painting a false picture of Modi after they had seen the writing on the wall about BJP’s victory in the upcoming polls.
“Modi is not a symbol of fear but an ambassador of development,” Naqvi said while expressing confidence that the BJP would capture over 50 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh.


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