Citing Gandhi's remarks that he had been told about it by intelligence personnel, the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate questioned why intelligence agencies "report" to Gandhi, "who has never taken oath of secrecy", and brief him on such sensitive matters.
Addressing a rally in Jhansi, he also said that if the government has information about ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency, being in touch with some youth in Uttar Pradesh, it should act, rather than "just give the news like a news agency".
Addressing Rahul Gandhi as a 'shahzada' (prince), Modi referred to his comments yesterday and said he leveled serious allegations against the youth in relief camps (of Muzaffarnagar) that they are hobnobbing with ISI. “It is your responsibility to make public the names of such youth. If you do not disclose the names, then you should apologise publicly for defaming an entire community," Modi added.
The relief camps were set up for the victims of riots in Muzaffarnagar that took place last month.
On Gandhi's contention about ISI hobnobbing, he said told the Congress Vice President that his party was in power and asked "how is ISI freely spreading its influence in the lanes of UP under your very nose? What are you doing about it?"
Targeting the Congress and its government over it, Modi said, "you are behaving as a news agency, just giving news about what ISI is doing. You have to act against them."


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