During Rohania rally, Modi, as a show of respect bowed down before a 113-year old Colonel Nizamuddin and touched his feet to seek blessings from the former member of Azad Hind Fauj. Besides, Modi also promised to put in all efforts for making Colonel Nizamuddin’s dreams come true.

This particular gesture of Modi, who is often in the line of fire for his alleged ‘indifference’ towards Muslim community, must have shattered down a vista of myths associated with his image which took a massive beating post-2002 riots and the BJP strongman is still slogging hard to ‘resurrect’ it.

Modi opponents often keep on framing negative environment against him. A few days back, Union Minorities Affairs Minister K Rahman Khan said that Modi is being projected as a messiah, something which he is not.

After the bloody 2002 riots in Gujarat, diversified messages were sent to the Muslim population residing across the nation. Modi has been able to shed off anti-Muslim image to a considerable extent at Rohaniya rally.

Even the leaders of other political parties are finding themselves in an uncomfortable position after Modi touched feet of Nizamuddin. Several parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party and Aam Aadmi Party have already started gauging their losses after this episode. Several candidates of different parties were seen campaigning in the Muslim dominated areas.

Some leaders were heard saying that Modi is not a threat and it’s indeed clear that the feet touching act has set a new platform for debate in Varanasi, adding heat to the already boiling political waters of the temple town.

Nizamuddin was Netaji’s driver and bodyguard

Though Nizamuddin was the driver and security personnel of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose but it took several years to give him the ‘status’ of freedom fighter and this happened mainly after the Azamgarh administration was ‘contented’ with the papers and related documents provided by him.

His son said that the freedom fighter wished to meet Modi as he sees a good leader in the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Nizamuddin was born in 1901 at Dhakwa village in Azamgarh and his father used to run a canteen in Singapore. At the age of 24-25, he fled his home and went to Singapore and this coincided with the recruitment process, which was going on in Subhas Chandra Bose’s Azad Hind Fauj in Singapore.

Netaji appointed Nizamuddin as his personal bodyguard and driver and gave him the position of Colonel. He remained associated with Netaji in this position for 10 years and also accompanied the firebrand freedom fighter to countries like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia.

According to Nizamuddin, since the British forces were always in lookout for Netaji, the latter used to travel by submarines.

After Netaji’s mysterious disappearance, he also went to his home in Kolkata but returned to Burma after getting no information. In June 1969, he returned to his village.

He revealed this fact for the first time in 2001, that he worked with Netaji and it took 12 years for the local administration and government to ‘see’ facts in his claims.


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