The Gujarat Chief Minister also urged his well-wishers to refrain from making any such divisive and thoughtless statements.

In an apparent reference to senior BJP leader Giriraj Singh’s controversial statement that all Modi critics should leave the country for Pakistan, Modi said that the party leaders should solely focus on the issues of good governance and development as the public expects them to deliver.

 “With great happiness, the entire nation is looking towards BJP for going to people solely on the issues of good governance & development,” Modi said on his official Twitter page.

“Petty statements by those claiming to be BJP's well wishers are deviating the campaign from the issues of development & good governance,” he added.

“I disapprove any such irresponsible statement & appeal to those making them to kindly refrain from doing so,” he further tweeted.

Giriraj Singh has already been slammed by top BJP leadership and this statement by Modi himself has come as a major ignominy for him.

Two FIRs have been filed against the BJP leader till date in this regard.  However, Giriraj remained defiant and defended his contentious statement, which made him a butt of all the jokes on the Twitter world with a host of eminent politicians and personalities also condemning his insensitive remarks.

Apart from Giriraj Singh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) president Praveen Togadia has also contributed to the saffron fold’s predicaments by making an anti-Muslim hate speech in Bhavnagar, Rajkot, on Saturday in which he delivered an ultimatum to a Muslim businessman to vacate his property within 48 hours or face the wrath of his supporters.


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