Ahmedabad: Riding high on the recent Municipal elections victory, Congress on Monday fired verbal salvos at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The party launched a scathing attack on the Chief Minister for allegedly pulling in credit for himself for the state’s development during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit held in January this year.  

As a reply to Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat summit, Congress leaders announced that they would observe 51st anniversary of Gujarat’s foundation in 2012 as year of social equality and appealed to the people to oust Modi’s government.

Accusing the Modi-led government of being embroiled in corruptions and scams worth Rs 1 lakh crore, the state Congress president, Arjun Modhwadia, during a party programme here said, “The Modi government has been showering state revenue on industrialists in the name of Vibrant Gujarat.”

“The golden jubilee celebration of Gujarat’s foundation was meant to be a state function. But Modi used it as a platform for publicizing his image instead of highlighting his government's achievements. The function included the developmental activities undertaken in the past ten years during Modi’s tenure but the state’s development is the result of 50 years of effort," alleged Modhwadia.

Eminent Congress leader Shankar Singh Vaghela echoed similar views accusing the Gujarat CM.

Citing the example of Narmada project he said, “When International bank withdrew financial aid for Narmada project, it was the people of Gujarat who helped in making the project successful and not an individual.” 

Opposition leader, Shakti Singh Gohil alleged the state government had spent a whopping amount of Rs 80 lakh on lights alone during the golden jubilee celebrations whereas the cause of widow pension gets no attention.

“Although it is the golden jubilee celebration of Gujarat, we can only see the posters of Narendra Modi across the state,” Gujarat Congress in-charge, Mohan Prakash added.