Taking a note of Modi’s charisma as a regional leader and his success, Sonia Gandhi-led party has already started looking for new regional satraps. Party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, prior to elections, had spoken of building a strong line-up of competent state-level leaders.

He even batted for grooming leaders having potential for chief ministers and state presidents. The party, which is still looking into the reasons for its poor show in the 16th Lok Sabha elections, seems to have not realized this fact that its organizations in the states got weakened due to overwhelming influence of ‘Delhi Durbar’ in the decision making.

In such a scenario, the grand old party is looking for 40 regional leaders across the nation in an attempt to breathe a new lease of life in its state units.

The party has been battling with the problem of a weakened structure coupled with lack of influential leaders in the regional domain for the past two decades. It’s mainly due to this very reason; the party is out of power in more than 12 states.  

Not only that, the party, which recently lost its grip on politically crucial states like Delhi and Andhra Pradesh, has served a body blow and now. The oldest political party got marginalized in there.

Assembly elections are slated to be held in some of the important states like Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra in the next few months. The first and foremost challenge for the Congress will be to make a comeback.

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi may set out for a nation-wide tour to revive the party organization. 


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