"There is no doubt that the results in Assembly elections in four states are anti-Congress. But there is no reason for BJP to jump in joy. There is no wave in favour of BJP... The results show that BJP performance will be dismal in the Lok Sabha elections," Kumar told reporters in the Assembly premises.

"The gamble BJP took (by appointing Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate) has doomed it... Delhi is the test case of this," said Kumar, who led JD(U) to severe ties with the BJP after 17 years over the elevation of Narendra Modi as party's prime ministerial nominee.

Referring to the poll result in Delhi, he said it threw up a "below par" performance by the BJP when they should have easily gained two-third majority in the event of Congress' rout.

"The writing is clear on the wall for BJP too... It will get a deep shock in 2014 Parliamentary elections as the Delhi assembly election result indicates," the Chief Minister said.

Referring to the stellar performance put up by Aam Admi Party, Kumar said wherever there will be an alternative other than BJP it will gain from anti-Congress mood in place of BJP.

Since there was no other alternative to Congress other than BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh it won. But in Delhi, where AAP was a third option, BJP failed to form the government despite the "profound anti-Congress environment," Kumar said.

Congratulating AAP, he said "it reaped the benefit of anti-corruption agitation of Gandhian Anna Hazare."


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