New Delhi: Gujarat’s little known pizza joint – Jasuben’s pizzas – got a shot of fame after Chief Minister Narendra Modi in his speech mentioned Jasuben as an example of a successful business started by women.

He was speaking with the women’s wing at the FICCI Ladies Organisation meet on Monday.

Talking of women's entrepreneurship, he referred to a Jasuben, whose pizzas could beat even known international brands, in Gujarat.

“In Ahmedabad, Jasuben’s pizzas are very famous. And even if there is Pizza Hut next to it, an educated individual prefer eating pizza at Jasuben's outlet rather than Pizza Hut or some other big company,” Modi said.

He talked of Jasuben and said: "But before our friends from the media go there to find out if Jasubehn is like Kalavati, I would like to tell them she died five years back. Her pizzas, however, still have a big market.”

That was a dig at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, who in a speech in Parliament in 2008 had named a farmer’s widow as Kalawati when he talked about the plight of her debt-riddent family. Later she reportedly accused Gandhi of failing to assist her.

Even as there was no direct mention of the Congress Vice President, Modi took on Gandhi scion in his speech filled with satire and sarcasm.

However, Modi’s comments served as an endorsement for Jasuben’s pizza as its owners hope that the mention on TV would be biggest marketing boost for their joint.

The pizzas served at Jasuben’s outlet are a mix of Italian-Gujarati style. The desi hard-base Jasuben pizzas are priced at Rs 50 and on an average about 600 pizzas are sold in Ahmedabad. Customers can get their pizza packed or eat standing near the stall. Local food reviewers give Jasuben a thumbs-up.
Food was a recurrent theme in Modi’s speech on Monday as he also made reference to Induben’s ‘khakhras’ as examples of women entrepreneurship.


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