The government’s intent is to make this message reach to the people that it is moving in the right direction and lending ears to each and every issue.

On the direction of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), all major ministries are slogging hard these days to collect and compile data. Modi government wants to present a comprehensive report card to the people on its completion of 100 days.

The main emphasis is likely to be given on those issues which are directly related to the people. Besides, Modi government’s attempts to expedite the process of economic growth are expected to be highlighted.    

The NDA government will complete its 100 days in office on 3rd September and it will present everything in details before the people. According to sources, the PMO has directed all the ministries, especially the Commerce and Finance to prepare a data of the major tasks accomplished till now.

It has also been learnt from the sources that the government has not been able to deliver an influencing message regarding the work done by it so far to the people. For example, the stand taken by it at the World Trade Organization (WTO) meet on the food subsidy has not been properly explained to the people.

NDA government will complete its 100 days in office on 3rd September
Government intends to present make aware people of its performance during 100 days
Ministries to come up with power points presentation
Report card to make government stand on food subsidy in WTO clear
Concept of Digital India is brainchild of Modi
Modi government allowed FDI in railways, defence, insurance

The concept of Digital India is also a brainchild of Narendra Modi and according to reports, the PMO is not satisfied with the way it’s being propagated. The government wants to reach out to people with its each and every achievement. The issues directly associated with the people will be mainly included in the report card.

The government will also seek to explain its decision to raise FDI limit in insurance and steps taken by it to control price rise.

The urgency shown by the government in controlling the price of onions and the results received by it will also have to be highlighted while presenting the report of government’s 100 days in office.

The satisfaction expressed by the Supreme Court in bringing blackmoney back from abroad is also being taken as an achievement by the government. In its previous interim report, the SC has agreed that there has been some progress on the blackmoney issue.

The government is expected to stress on this issue as well while presenting its 100 days report card. It needs to be mentioned here that the issue of blackmoney was an important subject in the saffron party’s manifesto and it often trained guns on the previous UPA government over this.



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