Indian government "took steps" that indicate Modi Administration is engaged and is examining key IPR issues, the Congressional-mandated 301 Report on IPR said.

India has continued its engagement with the United States on IPR issues of interest to both countries, including by establishing the High Level Working Group on Intellectual Property (IPR Working Group), the report noted.

These steps include India's -- establishment of a domestic IPR-focussed experts group, commitment to technical engagement on specific issues of concern, and the issuance of encouraging
domestic policy pronouncements, the report said yesterday.

"In our bilateral dialogue, the United States is working with India to foster an environment that will enable India to achieve its important domestic policy goals of increasing investment and stimulating innovation through, not at the expense of, IPR protection and enforcement," the report that has retained India in the list of Priority Watch countries said.

"Attention to our IPR priorities and action to resolve concerns through bilateral fora can benefit both the United States and India," USTR said, adding, recent positive
developments on engagement should translate into substantive and measurable action.

At the same time, USTR said in many areas, IPR protection and enforcement challenges continue, and there are serious questions regarding the future of the innovative climate in India, across multiple sectors and disciplines.

In the report, the US has urged India to take specific actions to address the concerns raised by multiple stake holders, including by means of constructive bilateral engagement directly with the US Government and stakeholders.

The US also urged India to reconsider how to meet its domestic policy objectives through fostering a climate that incentivizes innovation.

The report further said that the US continues to encourage India to strengthen civil IPR enforcement by increasing judicial efficiency and reducing court backlogs through electronic case management, instituting fast-track procedures for certain IPR matters, training and instituting a system of using specialised judges, and other judicial reform measures.

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