Addressing a massive party rally held here to mark the conclusion of the month-long "Janapakasha Yatra" of KPCC president V M Sudheeran, Gandhi said the people would soon get tired of the "fake dreams" fed by NDA and turn back to Congress again.
"My simple question to the government is that people of the country have given a mandate and what exactly you have done on that," Gandhi said citing the "failures" of the government on promises like retrieving black money stashed abroad.
"The central idea of NDA is that the government does not give power to people. It makes communities fight each other. They run the country for a few people and corporates," Gandhi alleged.
"I notice one thing. Prior to elections, there is violence between communities. There were riots in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand," he said.
Tearing into the Swach Bharat mission launched by the Prime Minister, he charged that except for words no sufficient budget had been provided for the programme across the country including for villages under his Amethi constituency.
Singling out Modi for attack, he said the government was being run as if "one man could single handedly" transform the country, which was in sharp contrast to Congress's vision of empowering people.
"The view of the Prime Minister, BJP and RSS is that one man can singlehandedly transform the country. This single man sitting in Delhi can change everything. They do not believe in empowering people," he said.
Gandhi did not target the CPI(M)-led LDF which is the main opposition in Kerala.

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