"Ghar Wapsi, all these are not issues of our government..., but I would like to say that our government is secular and there is no discrimination on caste, creed or religious basis," Singh told reporters here in Chitradurga district.
Asked about the government's stand on "Ghar Wapsi" on religious reconversions, Singh said the Modi government was performing very well on the economic front, on the security front and good governance.

"Development of this country is our motto. With this  motto, we are moving forward and in the international community the dignity of India has increased. We want very cordial relationship with all the countries of the world."

He said after the NDA came to power, there was an investor friendly and business friendly atmosphere. "For the first time in the history of this country I can say that within six months our government got success - the bank account of  approximately more than 11.5 crore has been opened. This has been recorded in the Guinness book of world (records)."
Responding to a question on bringing back black money, Singh said after the formation of the government, the first decision taken by the cabinet was to form an SIT.
"The SIT is in the process to get black money which has been deposited in the other countries of this world. The initiative we have already taken."
On surveys showing possibility of AAP forming government in the Delhi Assembly polls, Singh said, "In Delhi elections, BJP will form the government with the clear majority. There is no doubt about it."

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