Party spokesman Anand Sharma told reporters that when the prices of crude oil have reached a record low in international market, the Narendra Modi-led dispensation has not brought down their prices in the domestic market commensurately.
Instead what is being thought is to impose a levy/cess on petroleum products, he claimed, adding, that the Congress would stiffly oppose any such move.
Sharma, who is the Deputy Leader of the Congress in the Rajya Sabha, disputed suggestions that the economy was improving in the six months under the NDA rule.
He suggested that despite tall claims of the Modi government for ushering in a better investment climate, the fact remains that the net inflow of FDI is less than its outflow. Besides, he said that whatever FDI is coming is not coming as equity but in debt instruments.
Painting a bleak picture on the farm front, he said that agriculture is in distress. Sharma said that farmers are in trouble as the Food Corporation of India has drastically reduced purchase of food grains.
Besides, he expressed concern over the moves to eliminate subsidy for the middle class.
The Congress spokesman was sharply critical of the way Modi was carrying out his foreign policy. He accused Modi of "ruining" relations with neighbors.
Sharma ridiculed the way the Prime Minister was projected while participating in multi-lateral meetings. It seemed that only Modi addresses such gathering, "rest all is audience", he said, adding that such an impression was "very pathetic".
He said that the Congress would press for a discussion on foreign policy and its direction in the current session of Parliament.
"We are concerned that government is not engaging meaningfully with Middle East".
Referring to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley introducing newly-inducted Ministers in the Rajya Sabha yesterday, Sharma said that it was a "clear insult" to Parliament.

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