"It is surprising, Modi is raising corruption issues. Modi and BJP do not have moral rights to raise corruption issues," Congress chief spokesperson Ajay Maken said.

Addressing a rally in Jaipur, Modi said, "A for Adarsh Ghotala, B for Bofors Ghotala, C for Coal ghotala, D for Damad ka ghotala (corruption)... this is the new ABCD... which the Congress adopted to introduce a new book of alphabets for children."

However, seeking to turn the tables on Modi, Maken said, "Today BJP and Modi have raised questions about corruption issues in Jaipur. I want to ask just four questions to Modi and let him answer it.”

"He (Modi) is talking of corruption while in his own cabinet Babubhai Bokhiria is facing grave corruption cases. A court has convicted him in the Rs 54.80 crore mining scam case sentencing him for three years. But he is still continuing in Modi's cabinet,” he said.

"So Modi should tell what are the reasons that a person convicted by a court in the Rs 54.80 lakh scam is still in cabinet," Maken asked.

Referring to the Lokayukta case, Maken said, "My second question is that Modi is talking of transparency. Since 2002, how till date no Lokayukta has been formed. And in order to prevent the Lokayukta, he brought a weak bill with no power to prosecute the chief minister in Assembly which was challenged in Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also rejected this bill and Rs 45 lakh was spent on it," adding how Modi got the moral rights to take up corruption issue.

Sharpening his attack on BJP further, Maken said, "Thirdly, in Hyderabad rally the former BJP president Bangaru Laxman was sitting next to him. The former president of BJP who was in 28 April, 2012 was convicted by the court for four years in the bribery case. Now these two are talking of corruption," the Congress leader said.

Questioning about former BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, he said, "All knew that he was going to be re-elected as BJP president for the second term but then what were the reasons that he could not become so..."


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