In a statement, he said Modi has once again staged a "fake encounter" with facts at his public meeting near Chennai on Saturday night when he referred to him as "recount minister".

"The fact is that in the 2009 elections from Sivaganga Parliamentary constituency the votes were counted only once. There was no recount. In fact, the complaint of the defeated candidate is that his belated request for recount was rejected by the Returning Office.

"Everybody (except Mr Modi) knows this fact. I am sure he will stage more fake encounters with facts and entertain people," Chidambaram said.

His repeated reference to "fake encounter" is an apparent taunt at the various alleged fake encounters in Gujarat in Modi's tenure to eliminate suspected terrorists and the controversies that stemmed from there.

The minister plans to issue a detailed statement tomorrow with facts and figures on Modi's criticism about him on the handling of the economy and the current situation.


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