Criticizing Modi over felicitation of two BJP MLAs accused in Muzaffarnagar riots during a rally in Agra, Khurshid said, "If he (Modi) had got the courage, he could have gone to the stage with two of the MLAs and felicitated them. If this was wrong and he did not like their felicitation, he should have said it was not right. He is a coward and not in control."

Commenting on the alleged snooping issue, he said, "Why security personnel were deployed behind that woman? If he (Modi) has the courage the woman should be allowed to come out. I want to know who is this woman who wanted security."
"They (BJP) said that her parents asked the government for security. I question whether parents ask the government to snoop on where their daughter is going and who she is meeting?" Khurshid questioned.
On the two-member inquiry commission set up by Gujarat government to look into the snooping case, the Congress leader said, "I do not want to comment on judges and commissions. You can check out the background of why these two people have been picked."
"In the past two months, I have heard speeches of BJP leaders. But none of them said sorry for what had happened in Gujarat in 2002, nor did they apologize for what had happened in Muzaffarnagar,” he said.
Drawing an apparent comparison between Modi and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, Khurshid said, "You are no leader if you scare or threaten people. If you show only nightmares and you do not have a belief, then you are no leader.”


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