"He (Modi) does not know anything about facts and figures," the actor-turned-politician said addressing the media at the Madhya Pradesh Congress office in Bhopal.
"Also, it is wrong to say that Congress was scared of Modi in any way," he asserted.
Babbar said that it was strange that Modi was tight-lipped on the snooping scandal which revealed illegal spying on a woman architect in 2009, allegedly by three organizations of the Gujarat government.
"These three organizations are the IB, the ATS and the CID. Is she such a terrorist that she should be followed in this way," he asked.
Two investigative portals, Cobrapost and Gulail, had claimed on November 15 that Amit Shah, the former Home Minister of Gujarat and Modi's close aide, had ordered illegal surveillance of a woman at the behest of one ‘saheb’.
The portals had released taped conversation between Shah and an IPS officer to back up their claim, adding that its authenticity could not be confirmed.
Congress has demanded an inquiry by a sitting or retired Supreme Court judge into the matter to fix accountability.    

Babbar also hit out at the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh for being corrupt and making tall claims without having done anything for the people of the state.


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