Its sweet because both Mamata’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK have performed exceptionally well in their respective states and bitter because with the NDA getting an absolute majority, their stocks have fallen down.

Both Jayalalithaa and Mamata were tipped to become the kingmakers in Indian politics post Lok Sabha polls. However, with NaMo wave sweeping the entire nation in an exemplary manner, the possibility of any such scenario happening has been wiped out.

Jayalalithaa and Mamata had on their part expected to play a much more significant role post-poll with strong performances in their respective states but Modi magic has punctured any such dreams for now.

The duo was also tipped to give conditional support to a BJP-led government in case the NDA alliance falls short of majority. But with the BJP alone getting 282 seats and the NDA getting 336 seats, the probability of any of these two parties joining the Central government now appears nil.

In an extraordinary and unprecedented performance, the AIADMK won a staggering 37 out of 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalithaa earlier on Friday termed her party’s win as a reward for their hard work and said the AIADMK, which is the third largest party in the county, would work as a responsible political party.

When asked whether she would be a part of Narendra Modi-led Central government, Jayalalithaa said that such a situation does not prevail now and her party would work as a responsible political outfit.

On the other hand, proving the NaMo wave incorrect in the state of West Bengal, the TMC won 34 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats.
While branding the electoral battle this time around in the general elections as ‘difficult’, Mamata said the Trinamool would play a greater constructive role in the country.

The AIADMK workers in Tamil Nadu left no stones unturned in selling the touchy idea of a Tamil PM to the people of the state and it worked in their favour.

Similarly, even Mamata had expressed her wish to extend her party outside West Bengal in pursue of her prime ministerial ambitions. Even her party cadres were selling the dream of a Bengali Prime Minister in the country to the people in the state.

With the talks about a possible Third Front grabbing a major chunk of headlines before the elections, both Jayalalithaa and Mamata had clandestinely been keeping an eye on the PM’s chair.

If in case the NDA would have fallen short of a clear majority then all the talks about a Third Front with the regional parties forming the crux of any such makeshift alliance could have been justified.

However, for now any such debate over a Third Front has been put into the backburner.

Now, it would be interesting to see what lies in the future for these two superwomen of Indian politics and all the parties, including the ruling BJP as well as the ousted Congress, would be keeping a close eye on each and every move of theirs.

But just like astute politicians, both Jayalalithaa and Mamata have kept their cards close to their chest as of now.


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