"Kejriwal and Modi are nothing in front of Rahul. Rahul Gandhi is Rahul Gandhi. You guys have put them (Kejriwal, Modi) on the moon. It is you, who give them publicity. What have they done so far," the RJD chief said, adding that his party will tie up with the Congress for the Lok Sabha polls.

Lalu also echoed Rahul's views that those living in camps should go back to their villages. "We have come here to wipe away the tears of the victims. They should go back to their homes. Government should facilitate that," he said.

Slamming the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Lalu said the party is doing a "drama" by renouncing facilities such as vehicles with read-beacon cars, security etc. "AAP is talking about corruption, they themselves are corrupt,” he alleged.

Training his guns on Modi and his close aide Amit Shah, Lalu said, "He (Shah) is spoiling the whole atmosphere. He is currently their warhorse here.”

"RSS, Modi and Amit Shah, who is working here (in Uttar Pradesh) are well-known for this and see the riots happened. People used to live here together but the riots happened,” he said.

"Communal violence erupted in UP after Amit Shah was sent to handle the party's poll campaign here. He is spoiling the atmosphere of the state," he alleged.

“The BJP is the country's enemy, we are BJP's enemy,” he added.

Interacting with the riot victims, Lalu said, "No attention was paid in the beginning to those living in the relief camps. If they were taken care of initially, the situation today would have been better."

"I saw a lot of TV coverage their on the riot victims living in relief camps," he said.

Referring to SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav's controversial comments that those living in camps were not riot victims but political activists, the RJD chief said, "It was too much and very bad...I have also heard people saying that those living in the camps are not victims."

"I am not criticizing anybody. But the kind of attention that should have been given in the beginning was perhaps not given to the issue (condition of riot victims) by the administration," Yadav said.

The RJD chief visited Sanjak and Loee camps in Muzaffarnagar district on Sunday.


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