He also thanked Swaraj for her barb that she also thinks that Digvijay Singh is a better candidate than Rahul Gandhi.
"Thanks Sushmaji for paying me a compliment on a day when I called Modi a Megalomaniac Psychopath Liar. Give him some lessons in History," Singh commented on Twitter.
Launching a strong attack against Modi on Sunday, Singh had wondered why BJP cannot field a "better leader" like Sushma Swaraj as its Prime Ministerial candidate.
Swaraj, however, was quick to dismiss Singh's comments with the retort, "Even I think Digvijay Singhji is a better candidate than Rahul Gandhi".
Last year also when Digvijay Singh had said that it was Swaraj's ‘right’ to be seen as a contender for the Prime Minister's chair, the BJP leader had dismissed his remarks, saying Singh had an old habit of creating disputes.
The Congress general secretary, a known detractor of Modi, also hit out at the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate saying he is "lacking in ideas" and "steals" the slogan of Congress.
"Modi lacking in ideas. Steals Congress slogan of Garibi Hatao 1971 Vintage! Would he explain why families under BPL have increased in Gujarat," he tweeted a day after Modi's rally in Patna in which the Gujarat Chief Minister had made a strong pitch for removal of poverty.
"I want to ask poor Muslim brothers whether they want to quarrel with poor Hindus or fight against poverty. I want to ask poor Hindus whether their concern is disputes with poor Muslims or the fight against poverty. A poor Hindu has to fight against poverty and a poor Muslim also has to fight against poverty. Let's defeat poverty together," Modi had said at 'Hunkar rally' in Patna on Sunday.


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