Mumbai: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who is in limelight for dictating terms with party leadership, has now launched his attack against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by saying that he lacks vision to lead the country. Chief Minister Modi also targeted former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by raising questions on her credentials.

While addressing an award function here on Tuesday, Modi said, "He (Dr. Singh) lacks vision and guts to run the nation. Before he was the country's finance minister, for the discovery, mining and processing of uranium, there used to be a set budget for its extraction. But since he became the finance minister not even a rupee has been spent from that budget. And later, after becoming Prime Minister he tried to approach America for all these things."

"Today, if the entire world needs uranium someday, then these very northeastern states are the ones who hold some deposits of this chemical. Why shouldn't this be pondered on and policies be formulated in that direction? Why can't we emerge as a nuclear power with our own resources? But sadly, there is no vision, or courage, though there is a pressure and problem here this needs to be understood and identified in order to change the current scenario," he said.

Modi while accusing Nehru-Gandhi family said former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was not a secular leader and she tried to keep aside northeastern states from the country to collect votes.

"Indira Gandhi had committed a big sin, I will just speak of one as she committed many of them. Known for her secular inclination, when she was contesting polls in northeast, the Congress Party mentioned in their manifesto that mentioned if they win, then they would bring in a rule synonymous to that in the Bible. Can you imagine that if such is the stance while you are running the country then separatist forces would be at such a high advantage; back then no one questioned her secularism," said Modi .

Congress condemns Modi's remarks

On the other hand, Congress condemned Modi’s derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Hitting out at Modi Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said that Indira Gandhi’s integrity should always be maintained.

Alvi further added that it is highly unfortunate if someone points fingers at Indira Gandhi. She was widely respected across the globe. If anyone has doubts over her credibility, then it is inappropriate.


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