Clearly agitated by Abdullah’s remarks that any person who votes for him should drown in sea, the Gujarat Chief Minister said if anyone has to sink then the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister should look into the mirror.

Modi said India never differentiates in the name of religion and thinks about the welfare and development of everyone.

Launching a blistering attack on Farooq and his father and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Sheikh Abdullah, Modi said the biggest attack on secularism transpired under his father’s rule when Hindu Pandits were targeted and thrown out of the valley just because of their religion.

“India never differentiates between people of different religions. That is our culture,” Modi said in an interview with a TV channel on Monday.

“I want to tell Farooq Abdullah, that secularism is in our blood, not just our constitution. Want to tell him that the biggest attack on secularism has happened in Kashmir,” Modi added.

“Biggest attack on secularism happened in Kashmir. It happened because of the politics of your father. What you said about "doob marna". This does not bring you glory. It is your family that destroyed secularism,” he further said.

Modi said: “Kashmir is the only land from where Pandits were removed solely for their religion. The land of Sufism and harmony has been made communal due to your politics”.

“Instead of telling those voting for Modi to drown, Dr. Abdullah should look at himself and his family in the mirror and see how they ruined Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

Modi branded Abdullah’s statement as irresponsible, saying his party follows the path of good governance and development.

“Our path is the path of good governance & development. Irresponsible statements by the likes of Dr. Abdullah cannot derail India's mission,”  he said.


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