"The government has started to dig for some 1,000 tons gold, after someone dreamt of it. You bring back the money that the looters have stashed in Swiss banks. That would be more than the value of 1,000 tons of gold," Modi said while addressing BJP workers in Chennai.
The Gujarat Chief Minister was apparently mocking at the excavation work being undertaken by Archaeological Survey of India in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh to hunt for a gold treasure on the basis of a dream by a seer who had predicted about 1,000 tons of gold in that area.
Modi said that the deadly cyclone Phailin which hit parts of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar did not destroy much as it was feared, but the country was witnessing a cyclone of change to ensure a ‘Congress mukth Bharat’.
He said that he has been witnessing a wave of change in the country, including in Tamil Nadu to change the government at the Centre.
Modi will be delivering a lecture at the Nani Phalkiwala Foundation and release a book authored by noted journalist and his party colleague Arun Shourie.

No harm in digging for gold at old fort: Congress

Meanwhile, the Congress supported the ASI’s treasure hunt saying the move benefits the country, no harm going for it.

"There is no harm if the country benefits from it," Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhury told reporters.

She defended the ASI move to excavate for around 1,000 tonnes of gold, which a seer said he dreamt to have been buried near a temple at the old fort.

"The Geological Survey of India said there is some metal underneath the temple. What actually is there will be known only after digging," said Chowdhary.


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