Addressing the party workers at Kunj Vatika last night, Bharti said, "Vajpayeeji was a very good orator, it is said that there has been no other orator like him in Indian politics.”

"If you have observed minutely you would have found that Modi is not a good orator but still people are coming to his rallies not to listen but to tell him that they want him to change this country and they support him," she added.

Attempting to clarify her statement on Tuesday, Bharti said Modi is a unique person who draws massive crowd.

"All that I said about Narendra Modi, I will repeat it again. The same thing that A B Vajpayee was a good orator but Narendra Modi is country's 'anokha' (unique) person in whose support lakhs and lakhs turn up. This is what I had said," she said.

Speaking at the meet, Bharti had also accused the Congress and Samajwadi Party of betraying Muslims.

She had said that her party does not consider Muslims as mere vote bank and that nationalist Muslims are standing with BJP in these elections.

On the demand for a new Bundelkhand state, she said the Congress and BSP chief Mayawati were only interested in politics on the issue whereas BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh has already created a separate unit for it and promised that on coming to power the face of Bundelkhand region would be changed.


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