"NaMo certainly plays fast & loose with the truth. He quotes me & can't even get that right. Modi Sb please quote me but do it right :-)," Omar wrote on Twitter.
Modi at a rally in Jammu quoted Omar as having said that Jammu and Kashmir had never witnessed a rally as huge as Modi's on December 1 last year.
"When I came here for a rally last time, state Chief Minister used a helicopter to see how huge the rally was. And he was honest to say on Twitter that Jammu and Kashmir had never witnessed such a rally," Modi said in his speech at Hira Nagar on Wednesday.

Omar, however, denied the same.
Omar had uploaded a photograph taken from an aircraft of Modi's December 1 rally last year at Jammu to highlight the attendance of the people.
"Taken at 1:50 today while the state chopper was flying to Srinagar. Anyone want to estimate crowd size?" Omar had said in the December 1 tweet.
"I put the photograph because it's a small stadium with lots of open space visible. Estimates range from 25,000 to 45,000. You decide #Jammu," he wrote in another tweet.
The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister also said he was ‘blissfully ignoring’ Modi's rally in the state.

"@ManikGup92 sorry to disappoint you but I'm not. I'm actually blissfully ignoring it while sitting in Srinagar. Ignoring all but the lies :)," Omar wrote in a reply to a Twitter user when asked if he was watching the rally on television.
"And for those of you gloating that I'm watching the rally on TV sorry to disappoint you. Only know what he said because I was asked 4 reply," he wrote in another Tweet.


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